Restored 1955 Tonka Stake Truck



” Mound Metal Craft Inc.” Mound Mich. Stunning


This is the second year for Tonka Trucks 54 and 55 were Red and Red only ( so they say )

The truck was completely professionally Restored to this stunning condition sooooo close to new condition with a few imperfections in the paint ( look at the last two photo’s to see the area the prep was poor ) rough down by the first panel ( stake ) at the bottom stake, and at the top passenger side corner of panel the stakes set into.

Some pin point dings that you will have a hard time finding but are there.

However since I was not going to take it to Pebble Beach or the Grand Elegance show or anything like that, I knew I could live with it.

This is the larger of the Tonka Trucks at 16″ long with 8 stakes/panels on the flat bed , nice large truck.

I have seen loads of restored Tonka’s however NOT the 1955’s they are reallllll hard to find let alone in restored condition.

The Truck shows so awesome it will be the HEAD of the collection it shines with the best of em.

I’ve enjoyed some years owning and looking at this truck but it’s also time to get $$$$ and buy more of something else.