Made of BONE, COPPER,SILVER, BRASS, CORAL, TIN, with cloth lining


We don’t know what to tell you other then this trinket box had been in the family for 35 or so years.
I do not know who made it or where it came from.
It’s covered with BONE, and the body is Copper/Zink, with fine Brass and Silver ROPE design surrounding the box framing the Bone. It Has CORAL in two places for design.
It measures 4″ wide x 3.5″ deep x 3″ high
The hinging is good and tight and closes tight as well. NO DAMAGE that I can find.
NO makers mark nor origin.
I call it ART DECO STYLE however that’s in the eyes of the beholder, some say Native American in design, I just can’t pin point what design it would be called, I’m betting that it’s a one off.
It can be from anywhere at anytime, I just can’t take my Eyes off of it, soooo unusual and striking…. THIS NOT AT ALL NEW…..WE do know it’s at the very least 40 y/o.